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The Program

Technological advantage is fundamental to U.S. national security. To keep pace with rapidly evolving technology and defense needs, it is crucial that strong links be developed between the national security community and young, emerging leaders of science and technology, especially in those fields that have not traditionally been associated with defense. The Defense Science Study Group seeks to convey to members an understanding of the technical dimensions of national security issues and an appreciation for the people and operations involved.
The DSSG selects young professors from many of the nation's top universities, as well as non-university affiliated men and women, all of whom have been nominated by senior academic officials; DSSG alumni, mentors, and advisors; and other officials from various government agencies to take part in DSSG. Over the course of the two-year program, those invited to participate focus on defense policy, related research and development, and the systems, missions, and operations of the armed forces.